FarrowWrap™ Testimonials

"...the Farrow wraps have been invaluable in my work with this niche group of patients when frankly, nothing else was working. The results have been extremely quick and dramatic making the Farrows my first choice when confronted with this type of patient. I have always been a fan of the product, now, I'm ready to form a fan club!!! Thank you Farrow Medical!!" [See full testimonial]
~ Cathy R., OTR, CLT
"The FarrowWrap™ should be the next step for patients who are unable to wear stockings."
~ Caroline Fife, MD, FCCWS
"You took on this challenge with open arms knowing you could change my son's life forever. We are there. In 3 weeks our lives changed so drastically that there are no words we can express how we feel about your company and the generosity you have shown." [See full testimonial]
~ Tammy (patient's mother), Bret, Tristen and Ethan R.
"I am the proud owner of a pair of FarrowWraps, they are better than any compression stocking on the market!! I would recommend these wraps to anybody!! They are adjustable, very comfortable, and as I stated earlier, I would recommend the farrow wraps to anybody! Thank you very much for everything! May God richly bless you real good!! Keep up the excellent work!!"
~ Steven F. , Patient

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